Torah portion Naso

Shalom, We continue in the Torah cycle this week with Torah portion Naso, (Lift, Bear up, Carry, “Take”), Bemidbar/Numbers, 4:21 – 7:89. The Haftorah is Judges 13:2-25. The Ketuvim Netzarim reading is John 11:1 – 54. We plan to meet on Shabbat (6/3/2017) at our meeting location, 614 SW Park Ave, beginning at 5pm/1700 hours. We plan to pray, read the Scriptures, and enjoy a light, “pot blessing” meal together, then study together until Havdallah.

Netzarim 101

These are the slides (below) from a study we did over the course of several weeks in 2016.  It shows how we Netzarim arrived where we are today.  Judaism was driven from believers in Yeshua, and Jewish believers in Yeshua were driven from the synagogues.  This was the prophetic outcome of what Sha’ul/Paul said would happen.